Mergers and Acquisitions for women-owned businesses

Mergers and Acquisitions for women-owned businesses

Your business isn’t like all the others, and
your exit plan shouldn’t be either

As women, we start our business because we are passionate about making a difference. When it is time to transition to the next chapter it helps to have a trusted parter who can guide you through the sometimes complicated process of integrating, exiting expanding. You don’t have to do it alone.


Business Exits

The best time to begin planning for your exit from your business is when you start it. That way you can customize your exit planning to your desired outcome while you grow. Creating a strategy around how to exit your business, no matter how long you’ve been in business, ensures that you have the highest chance to not only transition out of your business, but you transform into the next chapter of your work life. With a partner like iKadre, you can be certain that you have the support you need and the people you trust to make your exit easier.



Integration is more than simply combining names or offices. You need guidance from a planning partner who can help mitigate risk, align corporate cultures and create a strategic roadmap for successful change. From offering planning and strategic advice at the start of an integration, to audits of state and federal requirements, managing KPI success and evaluating leadership, our team can guide you through the sometimes challenging process of change. With three decades of experience, you can trust we are the partners you need.



When you began your business, you worked hard and hoped for it to grow and succeed. But now that actually has happened, you need an advisor you can trust to help navigate expansion choices like new markets, joint ventures, strategic partnerships and other options available to help you scale. Our unique, people-first approach helps you reduce risk, protect your operations and brand, and create value. It’s a state of permanent readiness that gives you flexibility and options for expansion.

"iKadre is a purpose-driven business that I created because I know what it feels like to be a woman navigating life's milestones. It's hard to do it alone. It's my mission to make sure that as a woman business owner, you never feel unsupported or lost when exiting or expanding your business."

Who we are

I'm Natalie Roberts, a passionate woman business owner, widow, and believer that the limits we face are usually self-imposed.

For three decades I've worked as a Global M&A Executive and Strategy Leader in mergers and acquisitions, talent acquisition, and business consulting at places like E&Y(20+ Years), HP (8 years) & Pearson. Now, I bring this experience to every transformation for my clients.

More than an executive who will partner with you to get a deal done, I am passionate about helping women business owners navigate the complicated process of business transitions. Serious. Honest. Kind but straightforward. My work is transformational.


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