2021 Will Be Great Growth In These Three Industries


2020 was a challenge for most industries. Many companies and even whole business sectors came to a halt at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. But as we have seen with all historical moments that had great economic impacts, many industries find a way to adapt or leverage the moment. In 2021, trusted business brokers predict these three industries will see tremendous growth despite the ongoing pandemic.

The IT&C sector could be the biggest beneficiary of the crisis, especially in ​​internet solutions, IT infrastructure, mobile telecommunications, IT platforms for education, health, etc. In 2021, experts estimate that there will continue to be a very high demand for IT services globally, leading to an increase in external demand for this sector.

The Pharma industry will also benefit from the pandemic. Last year, there was an increased demand for medicines and medical equipment. This demand will only continue into 2021, if not beyond.

The e-commerce industry is expected to reach $ 6.5 trillion globally by 2022. And these are pre-coronavirus forecasts, so numbers are expected to increase. ECommerce trends for 2021 include Voice eCommerce, omnichannel experiences, and mobile eCommerce.

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