3 Digital Media Takeaways from Teen Tech Week


Teen Tech Week is an event organized each year, in the second week in March, encouraging teens to go to libraries and take advantage of activities and digital tools that their local libraries offer. Teen Tech Week also allows teens to experiment with new tools and create content using technology and digital skills.

According to IT staffing companies, https://ikadre.com, knowing how to use digital tools and become competent digital media users is essential for the young generation because their future jobs and careers will be based.

The use of technology by young people has increased tremendously, and the demand for technically skilled employees is rising. However, many schools do not have the resources to develop a technology curriculum, leaving many students behind and creating a tech gap. Teen Tech Week allows access for all teens to develop important digital skills. Teen Tech Week shows that libraries remain the most trusted and accessible resources – and fun, too – while enabling them to learn different skills and expand the range of possibilities for future careers and interests.

Materials are free to download, and library staff organizes various activities. If you are looking for ideas, here are a few digital media takeaways from Teen Tech Week:

  • A teen panel discussion also opened to parents and the community about social networking sites and the Deleting Online Predators Act.
  • Using video creating software to create book trailers
  • Inviting artists to talk with teens about digital design.

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