3 Strategies to Successfully Recruit Executives


Recruiting new staff members for any position is a complex task that gets even more complicated and leaves no space for mistakes when recruiting is needed for executive positions. Here are some strategies that can ensure a higher rate of success when hiring candidates for a leadership role:

Mobilize the members of your existing leadership – the people currently occupying leadership positions in your company might have an extensive network of personal and business contacts, and they might recommend you many great candidates for the vacancy. The method comes with the benefit of having candidates with at least one trustworthy recommendation;
Turn to specialized iKadre recruiters – executive recruiters have extensive knowledge of your industry, and the recruitment expert you hire is likely to have several good candidates in their database already. Your executive recruiter can help you with all the phases of the hiring process, from streamlining the job description and choosing the most efficient channels to publish your vacancy to conducting the interviews and negotiate the aspects related to responsibilities and payments;
Start using recruitment videos – the people looking for executive positions are usually high-profile individuals looking for the proper payment and the right corporate culture. Create an impressive video that highlights your company’s values and gives the candidates a clue about what it is like to work in your company – a good video will attract lots of excellent, talented prospects.

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