3 Ways to Recruit the Candidate with the Values That Are in Line with Your Company


While the qualifications and the experience listed on the resumes submitted by the candidates to your job opening are vital information, recruiting candidates who share your company’s values is essential for success. Here are some ways to ensure that:

  • Communicate your corporate values to the candidates: the easiest way to do that is through your job ads, by including a section into the advertisement in which you describe your corporate values. That way, you will attract only candidates who are compatible with your values.
  • Discuss corporate values during the interview: take it all one step further and discuss the issue during the job interview. Ask open-ended questions that will allow the candidates to tell you about their values and thoughts about teamwork and work ethics.
  • Involve more people into the recruiting process: Experienced recruitment company representatives confirm that having more than one interviewer gives you more points of view, more opinions to rely on, and more nuances to think about before making the final decision;
  • Show candidates around: giving your candidates a tour of the company will help them decide whether they can imagine themselves working in your company and whether your corporate environment is what they are looking for, indeed.

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