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Top Tips from Executive Recruiters for Job Seekers

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It is a long way to go from starting to look for the ideal executive opening and landing the job, indeed – here are some top tips from top executive IT staffing companies,, about how to make that way shorter: Brush up your resume – resume writing is governed by trends, so it might […]

Why Is It So Challenging to Find Talent for Executive-Level Positions?

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Executives are certainly the highest-paid employees in any company, but paradoxically, only very few of them are actually the authoritative leaders, strategic thinkers and great executors that they are supposed to be. The discrepancy between what leaders are expected to be and what they actually are will inevitably lead to issues, which means that the […]

How Can You Transition Quickly When Working with An Executive Recruiter?

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If you have recently left your previous executive position, you probably want to make the time that you spend out of a job as short as possible. There are many ways that you can use to search for the next challenge – you can search job boards and ads on various platforms and talk to […]

Should You Work with A Boutique Investment Bank in an M&A Deal?

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A boutique investment bank is a type of investment bank that specializes in certain industries, in certain geographical regions and usually only in some types of corporate finance, especially in mergers and acquisitions, restructuring and capital raising. They usually assist the companies involved in smaller transactions. A trusted sell my business broker advised me that […]

How Are Mergers and Acquisitions Financed?

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Mergers and acquisitions are transactions that the participant companies enter for financial benefits and with the aim of value creation, but they are also transactions that often come with high costs for all the parties involved. Very few companies are able to cover those expenses out of their pockets and they choose a different financing […]

Do You Need an Attorney to Complete an M&A?

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Mergers and acquisitions are complex processes that require the participation of many specialists and experts. The process is usually lengthy and involves lots of legal aspects that requires the knowledge of a specialized attorney – According to business brokers with lots of experience, here is what an M&A can do: Conducting thorough research – your […]

What Are the Different Structures Used When Securing an M&A?

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An M&A deal structure practically refers to the terms and conditions of the merger and acquisition deal, a binding agreement between the participants of the deal that contains the rights and the obligations of the involved parties. Deal structuring is an essential part of any M&A transaction, the part that involves the establishment of the […]

Why Is a Letter of Intent Used in M&A?

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The letter of intent is an essential, but non-binding document in any merger and acquisition transaction – the document which outlines the buyer’s intention to purchase the seller’s business and specifies the proposed price and the terms. The phase of elaborating the document and signing it by both parties involved in the transaction precedes the […]

Why “Serial Acquirers” Tend to Be More Successful Than Those Making Occasional M&A Deals

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There are many ways to ensure that a company is growing, one of those ways being through the acquisition of other companies to increase market share, to get access to new markets, to new technologies or simply to eliminate competition. In terms of how frequently a company engages into M&A as a method of achieving […]

What Is the Confidentiality Bubble In M&A?

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The term “confidentiality bubble” is used to refer to arrangements that restrict the flow of information within and between corporations to protect the short-term and long-term goals and interests of the corporations. The word “bubble” in the phrase is especially befitting in the case of merger and acquisition deals – sensitive situations and processes that […]