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Finders Keepers: Navigating the Finders Fee

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When implemented correctly, a finders fee can bring the best clients and top-notch future employees to your doorstep. We are all familiar with finder’s fees in one capacity or another. If you have ever offered a reward for a lost dog, recruited a friend to live in your apartment building for the cash incentive, or […]

Are Mergers and Acquisitions Part of Corporate Finance?

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Merger and acquisition deals are transactions that are considered to be part of corporate finance, actually being one of the most important fields of corporate affairs. Mergers and acquisitions are deals that two separate entities enter to consolidate their operations and their positions in their niche. These transactions can take place in many different ways. […]

How to Be A C-Suite Recruiter

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C-suite executive headhunters are people who engage in the sensitive and often very complex tasks of searching for and finding suitable talent to fill executive vacancies at companies. These specialists can either work for a recruiting company or for themselves and they might recruit for one or for several industries. C-suite executive headhunters are usually […]

Why Hire an Executive Search Firm?

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Working with an experienced company to help you find the right talent for your executive vacancy is the best way to fill that vacancy with a person whose experience, leadership style, and values match your company’s needs and requirements. Here are some important benefits of outsourcing the process to iKadre executive headhunters: Maximizing your reach […]

How to Build A Relationship with An Executive Recruiter

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Finding a C-suite job to match your skills, your experience and to meet your requirements in terms of payment, benefits as well as corporate culture is a complex process that can be made much easier if you work with an executive recruiter. If you have found the recruiter you want to work with, here are […]

Searching for the Cream of the Crop: The Benefits of an Executive Headhunter

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Why working with an Executive Headhunter may be the best business decision you make his year. A Harvard Business Review study suggests that 80% of turnover is due to bad hiring decisions. What does that mean when you are ready to bring a new executive on board? That the wrong decision will cost you. Executives […]

What Executive Recruiters Look for On A Resume

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Recruiters, especially the professionals who recruit for executive positions, are very busy people who have only a couple of minutes to spend looking at a resume at a time – if their interest is not raised during that short time frame, they usually move on to the next resume and the next candidate. Experienced executive […]

What to Know About Executive Recruiters

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Turning to a reputable iKadre recruiter to find suitable talent to fill your executive vacancy is the best way to streamline the recruitment process and to reduce the necessary time, too. Here are some things to know about executive recruiters: In-depth knowledge of specific industries and niches – most executive recruiters specialize in recruiting only […]

5 Mistakes to Avoid When Selling your Business

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Thinking of selling your business? Learn from business owners before you and avoid these 5 mistakes in the selling process. For many business owners, the sale of your firm has been a long time coming. And while you are eager to close the deal and move on to your next venture, it is important that […]

Should You Consider A Recruiting Agency for Top Talent?


Turning to an experienced recruiting agency like iKadre for help with finding suitable talent for your vacancies is a good way to streamline the hiring process for positions at any level of the hierarchy and the best way to succeed if you need top talent for executive positions. Here are the benefits of working with […]