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Why Recruitment Agencies Are Helpful

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Outsourcing your recruitment process to an experienced agency comes with numerous great advantages that you need so much when faced with undersized teams and labor shortages. Here are benefits of using a recruitment company: Saving time – more often than not, companies that need new employees need those new people fast. Recruitment companies can shorten […]

How Job Hunting Is Like Dating

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Job hunting and dating have many features in common – small wonder looking for a job is so often compared to the process of meeting someone with who we can imagine having an affectionate relationship. Here are some similarities: Both parties want to show their very best – in job interviews, both the job hunter […]

Why Your Employees Need to Fit More Than Just the Job Description

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How a cultural fit can be just as important as a skillset when recruiting and hiring new employees. We all know that one employee. The one with the stellar resume, the impeccable track record, the certifications… yet never seemed to meld well with the team. For better or for you worse, you can’t judge a […]

How A Merger and Acquisition Can Be A Response to Changing Economic Conditions

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Changing economic circumstances can make it difficult to survive even for long-established, previously stable, and profitable businesses. What seems a great business environment one day can start plummeting tomorrow, leaving many businesses with no other option, but to merge with another business or to be acquired by one. I was researching how do I sell […]

Why Mindset Is Important in Mergers and Acquisitions

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Mergers and acquisitions are complex transactions that involve more than just the intention to achieve more profit with the new setup – it also involves human processes that are not directly measurable, but just as important.  iKadre M&A experts – –  say that the psychological dynamics associated with the merger or with the acquisition […]

How to Create A Merger and Acquisition Strategy That Creates Value

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Ideally, merger and acquisition transactions are more than just a way for the larger company in the merger or for the acquirer to gain access to technologies, to market share, or to technologies and assets – these transactions should also have a value-creation side to them. This also means that the strategy used for the […]

Why Deal Structure Is Critical in Mergers and Acquisitions

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Most mergers and acquisitions are complex transactions that require planning, extensive collaboration, and lots of work with the participation of both companies involved. If you want to know how to sell your company, developing the structure of the deal is critical for success. There are basically three models based on which the particular transaction can […]

Is an IT Staffing Firm Right for Your Company?

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Certain business scenarios require specialized recruiting companies. If you fall into any of these categories, an IT staffing firm may be exactly what you need. You have heard of the benefits of staffing companies: the efficiency of finding qualified candidates and access to the best of the best. It is no wonder that firms readily […]

Steps For Creating an Effective Culture in the Midst of Transition

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Your employees aren’t “one size fits all.” And your culture shouldn’t be, either. Companies are joining forces in large numbers today. Mergers, acquisitions, and various joint ventures are combining skills to expand their markets, diversify their products, and increase their presence. Yet, amid the M&A process, a company’s most important asset is often strung along […]

How to Identify Potential Acquisition Targets

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Whether the buying company is a serial acquirer or a firm looking for a way to reduce competition, diversify activity, or gain access to assets and technology through buying only one target, the process of identifying the right acquisition target or targets is essential. Here are some best practices in the field: Define the criteria […]