Over 10 years of Information Technology (IT) Mergers and Acquisitions advisory experience and knowledge in Successful Deals

Serving companies in the lower middle market with $10M to $250M in revenue

We focus on the client experience to ensure a smooth transition and desired outcome. Each client is unique and we listen to your goals and align ourselves seamlessly to do the work for you.

business brokers and m&a advisors

Selling Your Business

We represent business owners that would like to exit their business and get the most value out of a sale. Selling your business is a big decision. We can help you explore your options. If you are a business owner, an attorney, a business intermediary, or a trustee and would like to sell a business we have a many buyers that we can bring to the table.  Our Merger and Acquisition Advisor (M&A) experience allows us to strategically position your company for sale.
we know how to sell your business or how to buy a business

Buying a Business

If you would like to grow your business by acquisition or strategic direction, we can help you. We help refine your criteria and within our network find the business that meets your needs. The largest advantage in buying a business is having an existing blueprint that can include important factors like an established customer base, defined operating expenses, and fully trained employees.

Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) Referral

We serve many Private Equite (PE) firms and strategic buyers by simply finding the right business to buy. Our finders fee is extremely competitive and is based on a successful deal. Work with us and you will see the difference.

Sassy Network

We are part of the SASSY Network. SASSY is a private referral network for women deal makers to work together on making timely and strategic introductions for clients. SASSY is an invitation only network for women in M&A, venture capital, angel investing and business development. SASSY works with the leading private equity, venture capital, angel networks and strategic acquirers in the country.

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How do I sell my business?

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What Steps Do Business Brokers Follow?

The first step to selling your company is business valuation. A business valuation allows you to understand the economic value of your business. There are three valuation methods: comparable analysis, precedent transactions, and discounted cash flow analysis. Your business’s proper valuation includes reviewing financial records, similar businesses on the market, sales, assets, and outstanding debts.

Before you put your business on the market, it’s best to make sure your business finances are clean and straightforward — it is best to make sure your personal finances aren’t on the books before selling your small business. Clean financial statements and tax returns will help to prevent scaring off potential buyers.

Having an exit strategy is very important for small businesses. Often, small business owners will be blindsided by an unexpected factor that requires them to sell their business before they had an exit strategy in place. So plan ahead if you want to have a long-lasting business.

Let the expert Business Brokers at iKadre Help

Enlisting a business brokerage firm’s help, especially one that is familiar with your type of business, will allow you to stay focused on your company while they do the heavy lifting. They can also help you prepare your business for the sale process. They will conduct the business valuation, locate buyers, market your business, and when it comes time to sell, they will help with the legal process, including the asset purchase agreement.

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