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Strategic Packages to Help You Buy a Business

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Strategic Buy Search Services

Lead Generation

  • Flat Rate Monthly Service
  • 500 Strategic Targets Inclusive of Company Revenue and Contact Information
  • (1) Customized Landing Page
  • (1) Ongoing Social Media Ad
  • (4) Marketing Emails to strategic list of prospective companies (2 emails per month for initial plan)


Lead Qualification

All of the Basic Package PLUS

  • Lead Qualification (Prospects complete iKadre’s Confidential Questionnaire)
  • Business Valuation
  • Review of Customized Business Presentation (CIM)
  • Business Proforma Exercise
  • Business & Market Analysis


We Handle it ALL!

All of the Basic PLUS with Premium Services to get your Acquisition is DONE!

  • Due Diligence Support
  • Transition Strategy & Plan
  • Initial Qualified Lead Call and Introduction of Potential Seller and their Business
  • Schedule and Assist with all discovery calls throughout the acquisition process
  • Legal and CPA Due Diligence reviews will be a responsibility of the buyer

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