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How to Find the Most Qualified Candidates During the Pandemic

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The local labor market is changing under the pressure of the COVID-19 pandemic. If the labor market was led by the candidate before the pandemic, now the demand for jobs exceeds the supply, and employers are now in a dominant position. It is not very difficult to find qualified candidates in this context, considering that […]

How to Find an Advisor in the M&A Process

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An M&A specialist offers consulting expertise and assistance services for acquisitions and mergers. During this process, they are your partner, providing specialized support and ensuring that the operations are carried out in optimal conditions. During the M&A process, the consultant ensures a thorough, complete, and objective analysis based on their financial and accounting experience. In […]

Corporate America is Recruiting High Schoolers – Here’s Why

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Teens and youths are more tech-savvy than any previous generation. Smartphones, tablets, and computers have been within reach for many young ones since before they could remember. Their technological literacy and enthusiasm have led to an increase in the recruitment of high schoolers. In some cases, companies resort to this strategy due to the acute […]

What Are the Best Jobs for Teenage Entrepreneurs?

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Thanks to the internet, the opportunity to find learning resources and acquire new skills beyond your school curriculum is just a click away. Here are some business ideas for teenage entrepreneurs: Social Media Consultant A kid raised in the internet age has a serious advantage over many adults because they understand social media, search engines, […]

What are the Effects of Gender Leadership in M&A?

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In the United States, human capital is becoming more and more diverse. Trying to estimate what the labor market will look like in the future, the US State Department for Employment projected the country in the 2050s as being made up of nearly 50% of current minority groups, with 25% of the total population represented […]

3 Digital Media Takeaways from Teen Tech Week

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Teen Tech Week is an event organized each year, in the second week in March, encouraging teens to go to libraries and take advantage of activities and digital tools that their local libraries offer. Teen Tech Week also allows teens to experiment with new tools and create content using technology and digital skills. According to […]

How Teen Tech Week Ensure Teens are Competent Users of Digital Media

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Teen Tech Week is an event started in 2007 by the American Library Association in collaboration with the Young Adult Library Services Association. YALSA suspended their sponsorship in 2008, but local libraries still carry on, becoming spaces where teens can access mentorship and various tools to create with technology for one week each year. According […]

What You Should Know About the Bargains to Be Had in Mergers and Acquisitions

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Regardless of what led you to decide to merge or acquire a new company, it is essential to plan and implement the entire M&A process properly. Successful planning and implementation can only be achieved through collaboration with tax and legal experts. Though it is best to leave the experts’ approach, here is some helpful information […]

How to Determine Your Company’s Market Positions Before Embarking on M&A Activity

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When it comes to the companies they have built, it is difficult for entrepreneurs to look at them from a potential buyer’s perspective. If you have questions about how to sell your business, some rules can help you eliminate subjective assessments. The easiest way to evaluate your company is to multiply a relevant indicator (EBITDA […]

5 Steps to Successfully Completing an M&A Deal

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In the lifecycle of a company, the prospect of mergers and acquisitions is often a part of the company’s growth and development. The M&A process is complex, and it can be a significant challenge for smaller companies. The first step is to identify a real need to initiate a process of acquiring or selling a […]