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How An Acquisition Will Grow Your Brand

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M&A is a process of reorganizing companies whereby either one entity absorbs one or more businesses or multiple entities merge and create a new company. The merging entities then cease to exist due to the M&A process. One of the most crucial acquisition effects is transferring all merged company assets to the buying entity. In […]

Why Covid Has Brought A Rise In M&A

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Like most things in 2020, COVID-19 had a significant impact on global mergers and acquisitions. Initially, the market was at a standstill. Most investors paused all work on new deals, especially those first few months of the pandemic. But, as we saw with the market as a whole, the M&A market gradually reactivated itself.  After […]

Avoid These Mistakes CEO’s Make When Selling Their Company

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Selling a business is a challenging and complex endeavor composed of many tasks and phases. The complexity of the process increases the risk of making very costly mistakes, so here is an outline of some of the common pitfalls to help you avoid them: Not being prepared to invest the time and energy necessary for […]

3 Ways to Determine Your Business’ Value

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If you are currently in the process of selling your business, either to have money for a more comfortable life or to finance your next business venture, one of the most important steps is to assess how much your business is worth correctly. The task is very complex and causes difficulties to many business owners, […]

How to Help Transition A Business to The Next Generation

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Suppose you have made up your mind to hand your family business over to your children. In that case, it is imperative to develop the transition very carefully. Such a significant change can cause severe stress in any company’s health. That’s why many family businesses start to decline or, even worse, completely fail soon after […]

Is Now the Time to Consider Buying A Business?

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Most economies in the world are affected by the current pandemic situation, causing many businesses to close down and others to lose a considerable percentage of their revenue. However, many studies say that buyers and sellers still exist on the market. What’s more, the current situation motivates more and more people to get their own […]

Why A Non-Disclosure Agreement Is Necessary for an M&A Deal

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A merger and acquisition deal is unique in many ways. The transaction usually takes place between the business owner, who in most cases is also the founder of the business, and the person who has invested lots of time and energy into building the business and another person or company. This means that one of […]

How To Overcome A Valuation Gap In A Merger And Acquisition Deal

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The valuation gap is the difference between the business owner’s expectations regarding the value of their company and the market value. The problem can be severe, potentially leading to the failure to close the merger and acquisition deal. It is usually caused by a lack of information on the owner’s side – many business owners […]

Key Ways to Build A Business Exit Strategy


A business exit strategy is a business owner’s strategic plan to sell the business to investors or another company. Whatever the business owner’s motivation to sell the enterprise, the exit strategy needs to include specific steps and processes – here are some identified by Mergers and Acquisitions experts, iKadre: This step’s valuation is essential for […]

How to Best Structure Your Mergers and Acquisitions Deal

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When structuring your mergers and acquisitions deal, developing a roadmap, with strategic steps built one upon the other, is very important for your success. Here are some strategies for how to sell your company: ● Determining the motivation for the sale – knowing the reason why you want to sell your business or why merging […]