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Why Mindset Is Important in Mergers and Acquisitions

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Mergers and acquisitions are complex transactions that involve more than just the intention to achieve more profit with the new setup – it also involves human processes that are not directly measurable, but just as important.  iKadre M&A experts – –  say that the psychological dynamics associated with the merger or with the acquisition […]

How to Create A Merger and Acquisition Strategy That Creates Value

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Ideally, merger and acquisition transactions are more than just a way for the larger company in the merger or for the acquirer to gain access to technologies, to market share, or to technologies and assets – these transactions should also have a value-creation side to them. This also means that the strategy used for the […]

Why Deal Structure Is Critical in Mergers and Acquisitions

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Most mergers and acquisitions are complex transactions that require planning, extensive collaboration, and lots of work with the participation of both companies involved. If you want to know how to sell your company, developing the structure of the deal is critical for success. There are basically three models based on which the particular transaction can […]

How to Identify Potential Acquisition Targets

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Whether the buying company is a serial acquirer or a firm looking for a way to reduce competition, diversify activity, or gain access to assets and technology through buying only one target, the process of identifying the right acquisition target or targets is essential. Here are some best practices in the field: Define the criteria […]

Do You Need A Certificate to Be An M&A Broker?

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An iKadre M&A broker is a financial specialist who handles transactions related to the transfer of ownership of a company to another company during the process of a business sale or of establishing a new business entity, their activities consisting mainly of providing a valuation of the various assets of the business to be sold […]

When Should A Merger and Acquisition Happen?

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A merger is a transaction during which two business entities join to form a third one, while an acquisition is a transaction in which one company buys another one. While the two types of transactions are different in many ways, the motivations and reasons behind them can be very similar – here are some reasons […]

What Is the Difference Between A Merger and An Acquisition?

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Mergers and acquisitions are often used synonymously, even though they refer to two very different transactions. The most important similarity in the meaning of the two terms is that they both refer to a transaction in which two companies join forces – according to informed small business brokers here are some aspects that set the […]

How to Get Talented C-Suite Recruits

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Recruiting candidates for C-suite positions is very different from hiring talent for other levels. The process requires a unique approach as well as special methods – here are some tips to ensure that the people hired for leadership positions in your company are great matches, indeed: Define a clear set of criteria – a C-suite […]

The Advantages to Using an Executive Search Firm


Recruiting the right candidate is difficult for any position, but the process is even more complex when the vacancy is filled with an executive position. C-level employees have lots of responsibilities, make critical decisions for a living, and are also highly paid; therefore, finding, screening, interviewing, and hiring process requires a special approach. Here is […]

How to Hire Executives Faster

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Leaders are essential for building a great company and keeping a great company going when an executive leaves the firm – in both cases, the executive hiring process is strapped for time, which makes it extremely difficult to find the perfect match. If your company is in such a situation, here are a few tips […]