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Finders Keepers: Navigating the Finders Fee

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When implemented correctly, a finders fee can bring the best clients and top-notch future employees to your doorstep. We are all familiar with finder’s fees in one capacity or another. If you have ever offered a reward for a lost dog, recruited a friend to live in your apartment building for the cash incentive, or […]

Searching for the Cream of the Crop: The Benefits of an Executive Headhunter

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Why working with an Executive Headhunter may be the best business decision you make his year. A Harvard Business Review study suggests that 80% of turnover is due to bad hiring decisions. What does that mean when you are ready to bring a new executive on board? That the wrong decision will cost you. Executives […]

Why Your Employees Need to Fit More Than Just the Job Description

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How a cultural fit can be just as important as a skillset when recruiting and hiring new employees. We all know that one employee. The one with the stellar resume, the impeccable track record, the certifications… yet never seemed to meld well with the team. For better or for you worse, you can’t judge a […]

Is an IT Staffing Firm Right for Your Company?

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Certain business scenarios require specialized recruiting companies. If you fall into any of these categories, an IT staffing firm may be exactly what you need. You have heard of the benefits of staffing companies: the efficiency of finding qualified candidates and access to the best of the best. It is no wonder that firms readily […]

The Pros (and Cons) of Implementing a Referral System at your Company

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When it works, when it doesn’t, and what to look out for when determining whether or not the referral system is right for you. There are some strong opinions out there when it comes to implementing a referral-based system. Some believe that with a strong referral system, you will never have to pay a dime […]

Is Hiring a Recruitment Company Actually Worth It?

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The unexpected benefits of welcoming a reliable recruitment company to the team. It’s true: the task of a recruiter could most likely be done by someone who already works at your company. So why spend money bringing a recruitment company on board? The truth is simple: recruitment companies do a lot more than bringing candidates […]

How to Recruit your Recruiters – 5 Things to Consider When Hiring a Recruitment Company

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If the prospect of mulling over mediocre prospects on a job board does not sound appealing, you are not alone. Many companies hire a recruitment company to expedite the hiring process, and filter through resumes to find top candidates for you and your company.  However, not all recruiting companies are created equal. It is important […]

Why Use a Staffing Firm?

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Staffing firms like Navigant Global and their experienced recruiters can play a critical role in helping companies find talent. There is nothing inherently superior to recruiters who work at external firms when compared to corporate recruiters, other than they tend to work fewer assignments and their compensation is based on their results, not their level […]