Corporate America is Recruiting High Schoolers – Here’s Why


Teens and youths are more tech-savvy than any previous generation. Smartphones, tablets, and computers have been within reach for many young ones since before they could remember. Their technological literacy and enthusiasm have led to an increase in the recruitment of high schoolers. In some cases, companies resort to this strategy due to the acute lack of specialists. In the US, this is the case with the IT industry. Even Facebook started recently to receive high school students in practice, and on LinkedIn, this program is already a few years old. The best young people can end up being hired.

When they want high schoolers for an internship, a recruitment company near me confirms that businesses pay attention to a few aspects: they look for young people who are passionate about what they study, have a positive attitude, are goal-oriented, and for teens with excellent communication skills. Another factor of significant importance is the previous involvement of the candidates in various projects.

These internships are an excellent way to make up for the lack of experience. In general, graduates with no internship experience have very little chance of finding a good job. On the other hand, the percentage of those who become employees can be around 50% if they have a good evolution and are interested in taking their internship to another level.

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