Diversity in the Boardroom – Why (and How) to Implement a Wide Range of Leaders


Diversity in the Boardroom

Why (and How) to Implement a Wide Range of Leaders

Teams with inclusive and diversified cultures outperform other teams by up to 80%.

Yet, only 11% of teams can say they truly have a diverse and inclusive environment. These stats come from a recent newsletter article from Jameka Spencer, iKadre’s Vice President. If you are surprised by these numbers, you aren’t the only one. Why have so few companies successfully implemented a successful diversity centered environment?

We believe the answer is two fold: only when company’s learn why diversity in the boardroom is imperative and how to effectively implement it, will we begin to see the type of representation our world needs for a leadership that is truly representative.

Diversity: Why we Need It.

Giving everyone a seat at the leadership table, regardless of gender, ethnicity or orientation promotes equality in the workplace. However, it also creates a fierce competitive advantage over boards who choose not to diversify.

Risk Management

Companies with a diverse board of directors handle risk more effectively than those who do not. Teams with homogenous leadership often miss risks, or solutions to risks, due to their narrow set of experience while diverse teams are able to catch a more wide range of risks .

Increased Opportunities

Today’s companies are required to integrate new and innovative ideas into the workplace in order to stay competitive. Everything for AI, to the freshest technology, to modern customer and employee care is mandatory for the future of business

Social Change

Having a diverse board of directors says to customers, shareholders, stakeholders and the world that your company is up for the challenge of reaching a wide range of customers and is prepared (and excited!) for the social change on the horizon.

Diversity: How we Get It.

We all agree: diversity is critical for a sustainable and innovative business. But how does a company go from a homogenous leadership team to one where all types of voices are heard and accounted for?

A Company Wide Effort

The journey to equality does not end when we have a few new faces with a seat on the board… that is only the beginning! Make diversity and inclusion a regular conversation topic throughout the entire company… and ensure everyone is invited to participate in these conversations.


Read books on the matter, bring up hard topics, and ask challenging questions! After all, the first step to creating change is understanding the current issues your company struggles with, and how to learn from them.

Speak with actions

The best way to show your company is on board with diversity and inclusion? Speak with actions! It’s one thing to include the word “diversity”  in your mission statement, and it is another thing for others to take a look at your leadership team and realize that inclusion is a top priority for your team.

A Brighter Tomorrow

At iKadre, we believe the world is more competitive than ever. But we also believe that with the right people and the right voices, you can be part of the future of business.

Want to learn more about building the team that can create a better tomorrow? Let’s talk. There is nothing we love more than helping you inspire change.

This article was first published at the Denver Post https://yourhub.denverpost.com/blog/2021/04/diversity-in-the-boardroom-why-and-how-to-implement-a-wide-range-of-leaders/276337/

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