Do Most Companies Really Use Professional Recruiting Firms for New Hires?


Whether you’re looking for work or trying to find new employees for your company, relying on a professional recruitment company is frequently a requirement in this day and age. Most companies use recruitment firms to get new candidates that can become their employees in the near future. But is it a good idea, or would these companies be better off handling the recruitment and interviewing process themselves?

There are a few good reasons why recruiters are so popular these days:

  1. The fast pace of most industries demand intense focus that doesn’t always allow employers to set time aside for the recruitment process.
  2. Hiring an employee only to fire them and find a better one is not good business. Professional recruitment agencies specialize in adapting their ability to search for the best candidate to the recruiter’s needs, and can ensure that fewer mistakes are made regarding whether or not prospects are qualified for the job they receive.
  3. A recruitment company already has a very efficient process that allows you to hire new employees faster and without the need to reinvent the wheel and research the best process of finding, screening and interviewing applicants.

Although not all employers use professional recruiters, the process makes things a lot easier and faster, while allowing company owners and their managers to focus more on the important aspects of managing everything.

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