Do You Need A Certificate to Be An M&A Broker?


An iKadre M&A broker is a financial specialist who handles transactions related to the transfer of ownership of a company to another company during the process of a business sale or of establishing a new business entity, their activities consisting mainly of providing a valuation of the various assets of the business to be sold as well as services of identifying potential buyers for companies to be sold and locating potential targets to be bought or to approach with a merger offer.

In terms of professional knowledge, M&A brokers usually carry a degree in economics, mathematics, finance, or business, but after obtaining a bachelor’s degree or a master, they need to attend specialized courses and, in most states, they are also required to obtain a M&A broker license to be allowed to start their own business and to offer M&A brokerage services. A prerequisite of starting the licensing procedure is to be sponsored by a registered financial company or by a licensed individual, therefore most prospective brokers spend a couple of years working as an employee in the field. The learning and development process does not stop with the license for most brokers – the business world and the laws that regulate it change so quickly that any self-respecting M&A broker attends workshops and specialized courses regularly, to refresh their existing knowledge and to learn about important changes.

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