Do You Need A Degree to Practice Mergers and Acquisitions?


Mergers and acquisitions are complex deals that have intricate financial, economic, and legal aspects. M&As also require the complex knowledge and hard work of professionals in many fields. The field of mergers also offers lots of great career opportunities. These opportunities usually require those involved to carry a degree in one of the following specializations:

  • Law – mergers and acquisitions deals involve lots of legal aspects. Therefore the process may require lawyers who specialize in these type of transactions;
  • Finance – Mergers and acquisitions are usually finalized after performing lots of complex calculations that require knowledgeable finance professionals on either side of the deal. Financial experts are also needed by the investment banks that participate in the transactions as well. A certificate as a chartered financial analyst or as a certified public accountant can be beneficial in the area;
  • Specialized training – many colleges and universities offer technical training courses on how to sell your business. These courses teach participants about the best practices in mergers and acquisitions. Many of these courses today are available in distance learning that individuals can pursue entirely online.

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