How Can You Increase Candidate Diversity?


Hiring diverse candidates is very important for any company looking to create a stimulating and productive workplace. Here is how you can increase candidate diversity:

  • Diversify your use of candidate recruitment spaces – if you have been using only a handful of channels and methods to find candidates, now is the time to introduce other channels into the recruiting process. Trying new job fairs or new recruitment platforms can help you discover talent. Each recruitment method and channel targets a specific range of candidates, so introducing more channels will multiply the target groups that you can contact;
  • Hire recruiters that are aware of the importance of diversity – you can either hire specialized executive recruitment agencies as your full-time recruiters or as consultants;
  • Write job descriptions that appeal to a wide range of candidates – rethink your job descriptions. Does the position you are trying to fill require decades of experience? Does the position necessitate a Master’s degree? If not, reword your job ads to include only requirements that are, indeed, necessary. That way, your ad will appeal to more people, and you will get applications from a wider range of backgrounds;
  • Create a consistent interviewing process – asking each candidate the same questions is the only way to fairly and consistently evaluate people from different backgrounds.

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