How Company Diversity Impacts Mergers & Acquisitions


Lots of expectations and challenges accompany mergers and acquisitions on all levels of the resulting new entity. One of the most common challenges to be addressed is working efficiently in a more diverse corporate environment. Ideally, the management of the new company should pay increased attention to managing the aspects of diversity – here are some key points to focus on:

  • Integrating people from different backgrounds – mergers usually involve re-structuring departments and transferring employees from familiar to burnout new environments. To be able to create a mixed team that work together successfully, experienced M&A consultants advise that it is imperative to consider aspects of compatibility inside the new teams through in-depth, personal evaluations;
  • Giving employees a sense of security during a stressful, transitory period is one of the biggest concerns of employees working for a company that has recently merged with another business or is currently negotiating a merger because they will use their jobs. While in most cases, mergers involve some layoffs, too, the management must communicate with staff members to earn the trust of everyone in the organization and ensure that work is done without being distracted by worries.

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