How Do You Ensure the Post-Merger Interaction Is Successful?


Good communication is essential for any company’s successful dynamics, but it is crucial after a merger. When two entities merge to form a new one, the day is usually followed by a difficult, transitory period during which employees are moved from the teams they are familiar with to new environments, during which roles are transformed, and different corporate cultures meet. Here is how to ensure that the resulting tensions are eased with methods that focus on interaction and integration:

  • Start integration early – ideally, the planning for the integration and the development of the adequate communication strategies should start when the merger is decided, even if it is not announced yet;
  • Name the people who will occupy leadership positions and communicate the decisions clearly, to let staffers know who they report to and who they can turn to for help and guidance if necessary;
  • Have an integration team to help with the process – well respected small business brokers recommend selecting dedicated team members from both companies to develop and implement the proper integration and interaction strategies. Develop an integration plan to ensure that the integration team members know precisely what they are expected to do and achieve.

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