How Job Hunting Is Like Dating


Job hunting and dating have many features in common – small wonder looking for a job is so often compared to the process of meeting someone with who we can imagine having an affectionate relationship. Here are some similarities:

  • Both parties want to show their very best – in job interviews, both the job hunter and the recruiter,or the HR representative of the potential employer, want to create the best impression. However, the situation is not always balanced – for positions that get lots of applications, the applicants might need to have a harder time convincing the employer that they are the best, while for jobs that are very specific and get very few applications, it might go the other way around;
  • Networking plays an important role – both job hunting and going on a date are about who you know, rather than about what you know. Most couples meet through mutual friends – in a similar note, many job hunters still use word of mouth to learn about suitable job openings;
  • Patience is essential – you can’t hurry love, just like you can’t hurry the right job either. Job hunters need to be prepared to have to attend lots of interviews before they find their dream job, even in professions hit by a labor shortage.
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