How to Be A C-Suite Recruiter


C-suite executive headhunters are people who engage in the sensitive and often very complex tasks of searching for and finding suitable talent to fill executive vacancies at companies. These specialists can either work for a recruiting company or for themselves and they might recruit for one or for several industries.

C-suite executive headhunters are usually not required to carry a particular degree, but training in related fields, such as psychology, law, economics, or in a field related to the niche they are recruiting for might come in handy. The easiest way to start a career in executive recruiting is to find a mentor with experience in the field or to find employment with a recruiting firm – the two paths will give you the networking opportunities and the knowledge regarding processes and best practices that you need to start your own business. If the idea of becoming a C-suite executive headhunter comes after you have spent years working in a particular industry, such as hospitality (this happens very often), you can leverage your knowledge of the segment and your network starting to recruit for that industry either as an employee at a headhunting firm recruiting for lower-level positions or starting your own business upfront.

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