How to Be Noticed and Get Support from A Recruitment Firm


Turning to a successful recruitment firm is a smart and efficient way to land the job you want, but finding the right recruiter to work with can be difficult.

Here are some tips you can use to get noticed and get more support from your recruiters:

  • Be fearless – most recruiters try to influence the candidate’s career choice based on their knowledge of the area you are looking for employment. Being politely assertive and not letting yourself be influenced is a great way to attract your recruiter’s attention and to get the support that you need;
  • Be communicative – talking about your preferences, your strengths, and listening to your recruiter’s advice is also a great way to get yourself noticed;
  • Honesty – being yourself is always great, whether you are talking to the representative of the recruitment firm or your potential employer’s representative. It is natural for candidates to want to show their best side, but being honest about your areas of needed improvement and examples of you could have found a better solution will surely raise your recruiter’s interest in your applications.

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