How to Best Structure Your Mergers and Acquisitions Deal


When structuring your mergers and acquisitions deal, developing a roadmap, with strategic steps built one upon the other, is very important for your success. Here are some strategies for how to sell your company:
● Determining the motivation for the sale – knowing the reason why you want to sell your business or why merging with another business is the best solution in the life of your company and your personal life is essential for determining your expectations regarding the outcome of the transaction;
● The evaluation of your business – when the decision to sell or merge has been made, it is time to determine the price you are willing to accept. Be prepared that the evaluation process will be very complicated – you will need to get all your tangible and intangible assets assessed, you will need to subtract any debts and liabilities, and you will need to adjust the asking price based on the forecasted revenue that your business is likely to generate after the sale;
● Finding at least one interested buyer and negotiating – this process is also very complex. Ideally, you should have more than one buyer to bid on your business. That is the best way to get the best price.

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