How to Bridge the Gender Diversity Gap in the Boardroom


Women only hold 15% of all board seats globally, and this statistic over the years shows only modest annual growth. This data comes from Women in the Boardroom, a study that looked at more than 60 countries’ efforts to promote gender diversity in boards of directors. Women continue to be under-represented in boardrooms, despite the benefits of gender diversity in the workplace (effective corporate governance and more comprehensive economic growth) and continued efforts to improve gender diversity.

To reflect the needs of a diversified international market, collaborative executive search firms substantiate that companies must encourage diversity and inclusion in their organizations. By creating a more representative workforce, diversity helps build a successful company.

Companies can do the active promotion of gender diversity through a series of initiatives. It is essential to implement measures through a joint effort. Creating a board to collect information on gender diversity in companies can promote transparency through corporate governance practices. Another way to encourage gender diversity is through a more inclusive culture by providing courses and ambassadors. These ambassadors and leaders can effectively disseminate those programs and can argue the benefits of gender diversity in the boardroom.

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