How to Build A Relationship with An Executive Recruiter


Finding a C-suite job to match your skills, your experience and to meet your requirements in terms of payment, benefits as well as corporate culture is a complex process that can be made much easier if you work with an executive recruiter. If you have found the recruiter you want to work with, here are some tips to build a strong relationship with the specialist:

  • Update your resume – help your recruiter providing an updated resume. Take the time to refresh it with the goal in mind – check out the latest trends in structuring and formatting resumes, experiment with sentences and formulations with maximum impact in mind, and use an elegant template that highlights your best qualities at a glance;
  • Prepare thoroughly – research the companies that might recruit for the position that you are looking for and have a clear view of your expectations. Try to anticipate the potential employer’s expectations, too, and figure out how you would respond to awkward and difficult questions;
  • Look for recruitment agencies with experience in your niche – someone who knows your industry, as well as your particular niche, will be able to find the right position for you faster than someone recruiting for any industry, without in-depth knowledge and experience in your field.

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