How to Connect Employers to A Diverse Talent Pool of Candidates


Diversity is one of the key features of any dynamic, productive, successful team and workplace. As more employers recognize the importance and the benefits of promoting workplace diversity, the best technology executive search firms are looking into the methods that they can use to connect employers to diverse candidate pools – here are some of the ways they do so:

  • Announcing job openings on platforms used by various groups – extending your search for the right candidate to people with disabilities or on platforms predominantly used by age groups that you have not been considering previously, such as retired people, can significantly diversify the applications received. Using job boards that focus on diversity can also be useful;
  • Offer internships to underrepresented groups – these programs can also be an excellent way for employers to reach out to talent pools that they had not considered before;
  • Reformulate your job descriptions – rewording your job ads to include more than just the phrase “equal opportunity employer” will help individuals know that the company is dedicated to diversity. Providing more encouragement is also a great way to make job ads more appealing to people who would never apply to a very formal ad.

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