How to Determine the Success of an M&A?


Once the M&A deal is complete and the new entity that incorporates the seller and the buyer company is formed, the new company’s joint work begins. Everyone has an eye on success but measuring how successful the deal is a complicated process that can be prepared early on, but that cannot be monetized for quite sometime after the merger. Here are some things to know about determining the success of the M&A:

The importance of size and operations – the size of the parties to the M&A matter a lot. For example, if a larger company buys a smaller firm that has activities that are essentially similar to the activities of the buyer, the integration can be complete in a couple of months, but if the two companies are operating in different segments or the merger is one of the equals, the process can take up to two or three years, that is when the assessment of the deal’s success rate can realistically start;
The methods used – it is essential to define the factors to be used for determining success. Sales figures are crucial, and so is the diversification of the new company’s products and services. The changes in the number of clients, revenue per client, and client complaints can also be used as indicators.

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