How to Get Noticed by The Best Technology Executive Recruiters


If you are currently searching for an executive job, you surely know how important it is to diversify the channels you use for your search. While publishing your resume on job boards and actively browsing job listings are efficient methods, turning to connected technology executive search firms can make a difference, but only if you do your best to get noticed. Executive recruiters check resumes and talk to job candidates for a living, which means that they see hundreds of resumes every day, and they also have around ten interviews each day. Even if they are busy, their attention can be engaged – here is how to make sure that you are getting noticed and remembered by recruiters:

Come up with a resume format that meets the requirements but still stands out – uses an elegant but unusual font, adds attractive design elements, but not too ornamental;
Formulate your goals in a captivating way – everyone wants to be a part of a dynamic organization and have proven experience in relevant domains. Make your statement more personal, but keep it concise and informative;
Engage in verifiable activities – create a website or a blog of your own and mention them in your resume; be active on social media, do some volunteering, promote your hobby – these will all help you stand out.

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