How to Hire Executives Faster


Leaders are essential for building a great company and keeping a great company going when an executive leaves the firm – in both cases, the executive hiring process is strapped for time, which makes it extremely difficult to find the perfect match. If your company is in such a situation, here are a few tips to make the hire easier and faster:

  • Determine your search criteria – if the person who occupied the position until recently seemed to be born for that position, define your search criteria based on the qualities of that person; if you are recruiting for a new position, determine your expectation as precisely as possible, including criteria related to professional knowledge, personality as well as values and standards related to corporate culture;
  • Turn to a recruiter – the executive recruitment process is in many ways different from the process of hiring for other positions. The candidates for leadership positions are high-profile professionals who pick the company they want to work for, rather than being selected by the company, therefore the entire hiring process needs a different approach. Proactive executive search firms with in-depth knowledge of your industry usually personally know people who could make great candidates for your firm, making the entire hiring process faster.

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