How to Recruit Genius Candidates


If you have an open position and are not looking not for average candidates but for recruits who can help your company expand, you may be faced with a difficult task that requires a strategic approach.

Here are some tips from a successful independent contractor staffing agency to make your search efficient and the recruitment process fast:

  • Know what you want – one of the pitfalls of recruitment is that the selection criteria and the things that the company is offering are too vague. Try to determine your expectations, and you’re offering as precisely as you can and make your job advert stand out by outlining not only what you want, but also what is unique about your company;
  • Use the proper media channels – perform a little research about the channels preferred by the type of people that you are looking for and use those channels to post your ad;
  • Conduct a telephone interview first – after you screen resumes and cover letters and you identify a few prospects, invite them to a short interview over the phone. The way the candidate communicates in the situation will reveal a lot, and it will also help you decide whether you should proceed with a personal meeting.

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