How to Work with A Successful Executive Search Firm


Hiring an executive search firm to help you find great candidates for your leadership position opening is a great way to ensure rapid success. Still, you, as the employee, will also have some homework to do. Here is how to work with a C-level recruitment firm:

  • Determine your expectations – your recruiter can search efficiently only if they know what you need. Try to outline your expectation in as much detail as possible;
  • Determine what you offer – with an executive search, you need to make your company attractive to the candidate. Executive-level candidates are usually currently employed and just vaguely looking for new challenges, or they are not used but not very actively searching for employment either. Therefore when they are approached with a job offer, they might want to know more about the job and your company’s background than the average job candidate;
  • Work with recruiters who are familiar with your industry – a company that has been recruiting for your segment for a long time is likely to know suitable candidates personally, which means that they can help you reduce the vacancy duration. Even so, the final negotiations might take some time, so you need to be prepared that the hard part starts when you already have a few great candidates.

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