Navigant’s Top 3 Tips for Managing Your New Remote Team


Be Compassionate and Understanding

Most families are now quarantined in their homes together, so employees are now facing more distractions than there might normally be.

On top of that, your team may be feeling anxious about their health and safety, so it’s important for employers to be mindful of how those fears may impact productivity in the coming weeks and months.


Keep people updated

The key to success as a fully remote team is consistent, transparent communication. This is especially important as the coronavirus situation unfolds and changes. You’ll want to ensure that you have multiple ways to reach employees, including chat software and email, and err on the side of over communication.

Prepare presentations to keep them engaged and motivated and provide them with all possible updates through communication channels.


Get everyone on video

With video conferencing tools like Zoom and Google Hangouts, it’s easy to keep your regular meeting schedule. The trick, however, is encouraging everyone to turn on their cameras so you can get that face-to-face focus and much-needed social interaction.

Make sure you schedule regular meetings with the teams, have everyone connected via video conference so that everyone’s prepped and out of their pajamas.

And don’t worry too much about any “background noise” from the family — it actually might be a good thing.

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