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Board Recruitment

We work closely with boards to understand strategy, culture and the skills needed to make the board more effective.

Board Succession Planning

  • Analysis of required competencies
  • Development of director profiles
  • Establish an appropriate timeline for placement

Board Effectiveness

  • Strategic Alignment
  • Composition and Structure
  • Team Dynamics
  • Director Effectiveness

I worked with Natalie for 2 years on a major program with C-Level oversight and coordination. Natalie became a trusted advisor to me managing not only the program outcomes at a very senior level but also the team dynamics, corporate wide communications, program finances and vendor management details as well. She was not afraid to speak her mind doing so with grace and maturity only found in someone with real experience. Natalie was continually challenging herself to learn new information whether it was around the details of a highly technical program, or the organizations she was changing or her own knowledge when she decided switch program management methodologies from traditional backlog to Agile/Sprint based work. Natalie is passionate about helping her stakeholders be successful and always finds a way to drive successful outcomes for the business. Natalie will undoubtedly be successful in any senior program management role she puts her mind to.” – Ryan- VP

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