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Executive Search

  • We work with our clients for a new innovative executive search focused on results matched with the culture that is to be achieved.
    • Chief Executive Officers
    • Financial Officers
    • Marketing Officers
    • HR Officers
    • Diversity & Inclusion Officers
    • Technology Officers
    • Communications Officers
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Permanent Placement

Build your forever team…. iKadre’s permanent placement staffing services help your company gain access to high-quality, vetted candidates more quickly! Our experienced talent recruiters work closely with our clients to find the right talent to grow their business.

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Interim Placement

  • During business & leadership transitions, interim strategic executive leadership becomes crucial in defining success
    • Where you need knowledge and experience on a key initiative or ongoing operations up to a year
    • When you need to fill a position immediately while conducting a search to find the permanent candidate
    • Part-time  interim executives when there is a long-term interim management role but not full-time

Executive Search and Leadership Recruitment Agency

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Executive recruiting firms like iKadre play pivotal roles for companies that are candidate searching for executive positions. Hiring managers often lack the network that a recruitment agency has to develop a senior leadership team or fill executive jobs. iKadre is a search firm that can find talent quickly because of our expansive networks. Our networks also include passive candidates, ones who aren’t checking executive job boards for new opportunities. We have the resources and experience to work with senior executives who aren’t job searching. Hiring managers do not have the same opportunities and time to convince a vice president to make a jump when they weren’t considering it.

Retained Executive Search Firms

Our compensation is based on results, not filling interview slots. When you partner with us for talent acquisition, we want to ensure that we bring nothing but quality candidates. It’s not worth any one’s time if it’s just for the interview. As a professional recruiting agency, we also guarantee the candidates we provide. We’re here to create success stories about the senior leadership we obtain. If you’re working with executive recruiters who are not willing to give a guarantee, you may want to question their ability as a recruitment firm.

Specializes in Executive Placement & Diversity

If your company wants a diversified search of candidates, we can help build your company’s culture and diversity. Diversity and inclusion is an essential factor when conducting a senior-level executive search. Research reports that teams perform better, turnover decreases, and innovation and creativity is heightened when a team is diverse. We can help with this when building a candidate profile and in the executive search.

Professional search can be time-consuming and resource-draining. Don’t overload your human resource team with the executive search process. We’ll take the time to develop your ideal candidate profile, understand your current and future needs, and see you through the recruitment process. Our firm specializes in information technology and construction executive placements, but we can help many different industries, even nonprofit organizations. Senior-level executive search


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