“There actually is a silver bullet in Business – it’s called great leadership”

We are able to provide a real-world assessment of Leaders at levels from Manager to CEO. These results allow us to build a Leadership Development plan specifically for an individual or team. iKadre possesses a unique and proven ability to help your organization create a scalable culture of leadership.

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Company Culture Assessment


The culture within your organization is more important and focused on than ever…. do you know where you stand? Take a few minutes and complete our free company culture assessment, your results may be shocking!

COVID-19 Talent Risk Assessment

Are you wondering if your organization is doing enough risk management post-COVID-19? Leaders: how you handle this transition to the “new normal” for your staff will be remembered long after the COVID-19 crisis is over, are you prepared? Take a few minutes and complete our free risk assessment to evaluate your risk and brand exposure!

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Is your organization remote work ready?

Systems, Processes, Organization, Tools, Culture…….. do you have it, are you ready?

Once our analysis is complete we are able to develop an action plan…..

Using 360 video and simulated business challenges, we develop a personalized Leadership Development Plan for individuals or for teams

Continued one-to-one coaching available while building trust and respect in the remote world

Developing a strong “EQ” – an Emotional IQ. Many consider this to be the top skill required for a leader (GRIT)

The Results = An Adaptive Culture that implements and drives the change you want to see!

We work to co-create organizational strategy solutions including




Growth Strategy


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