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When Should A Merger and Acquisition Happen?

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A merger is a transaction during which two business entities join to form a third one, while an acquisition is a transaction in which one company buys another one. While the two types of transactions are different in many ways, the motivations and reasons behind them can be very similar – here are some reasons […]

How to Develop New Strategies for Acquisitions 


iKadre acquisition strategies are comprehensive, detailed plans to accomplish the acquisition transaction in a way that helps your organization grow. While much of the strategy development process relies on exact calculations and modeling, there is also an essential element of communication, human contact being a part that companies should not neglect. Every acquisition is different, […]

How Does A Strong Brand Strategy Make for A Successful Merger or Acquisition

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Over time, many companies that have successfully built a brand in their segment decide to integrate with another booming business segment. The chosen form of that integration is often a merger and acquisition transaction. The statistics show that the stronger the brand strategy of either or both participants in the merger, the more likely it […]

How An Acquisition Will Grow Your Brand

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M&A is a process of reorganizing companies whereby either one entity absorbs one or more businesses or multiple entities merge and create a new company. The merging entities then cease to exist due to the M&A process. One of the most crucial acquisition effects is transferring all merged company assets to the buying entity. In […]

How to Pick the Perfect Business Broker for Your Company When You’re Ready to Sell

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Contrary to popular belief, business brokers are not magicians. However, if you’re disoriented and overwhelmed in the moment you need to sell your business to cover debts or switch to a new niche, it might definitely seem like magic to see these professionals in action. The ideal best business brokers will be friendly and inviting […]