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Do You Need an Attorney to Complete an M&A?

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Mergers and acquisitions are complex processes that require the participation of many specialists and experts. The process is usually lengthy and involves lots of legal aspects that requires the knowledge of a specialized attorney – According to business brokers with lots of experience, here is what an M&A can do: Conducting thorough research – your […]

How to Identify Potential Acquisition Targets

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Whether the buying company is a serial acquirer or a firm looking for a way to reduce competition, diversify activity, or gain access to assets and technology through buying only one target, the process of identifying the right acquisition target or targets is essential. Here are some best practices in the field: Define the criteria […]

How to Overcome Employee Engagement Challenges with A Merger and Acquisition

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One reason why so many merger and acquisition deals fail is the disruption caused by employee engagement issues. In many cases, the CEOs of the new entities that come to be due to the merger or acquisition think that there is so much to do in the new company that communication and motivation issues can […]

How to Best Navigate An M&A Deal with A Family-Owned Business?

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Family-owned businesses are unique in many ways – long-term goals and more traditional values drive them more. Still, they are in many ways more flexible than multinational corporations. All these features account for the different behavior of these companies in M&A deals. iKadre professionals, https://ikadre.com/, offer the following tips on how to navigate a successful […]

2021 Will Be Great Growth In These Three Industries

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2020 was a challenge for most industries. Many companies and even whole business sectors came to a halt at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. But as we have seen with all historical moments that had great economic impacts, many industries find a way to adapt or leverage the moment. In 2021, trusted business brokers […]

Why Retention During Mergers and Acquisitions Is Becoming More Challenging

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According to many prestigious studies and companies’ day-to-day experiences after mergers and acquisitions, employee retention is increasingly tricky once the two companies join forces. Successfully navigating the transition is key to the newly established company’s success. One of the most important aspects of employee retention is to understand the phenomenon itself. Below are some of […]

What Is a Business Broker and Why Do You Need One? Learn the Basics Here!

Business brokers can be very useful when it comes time to sell your business. Although the process might seem straightforward at first, many experts will tell you that it’s actually anything but that. Business brokers are usually able to smooth things over more quickly and ensure that the selling process goes well and that you […]