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How to Be A C-Suite Recruiter

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C-suite executive headhunters are people who engage in the sensitive and often very complex tasks of searching for and finding suitable talent to fill executive vacancies at companies. These specialists can either work for a recruiting company or for themselves and they might recruit for one or for several industries. C-suite executive headhunters are usually […]

Why Hire an Executive Search Firm?

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Working with an experienced company to help you find the right talent for your executive vacancy is the best way to fill that vacancy with a person whose experience, leadership style, and values match your company’s needs and requirements. Here are some important benefits of outsourcing the process to iKadre executive headhunters: Maximizing your reach […]

What Executive Recruiters Look for On A Resume

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Recruiters, especially the professionals who recruit for executive positions, are very busy people who have only a couple of minutes to spend looking at a resume at a time – if their interest is not raised during that short time frame, they usually move on to the next resume and the next candidate. Experienced executive […]

What Are The 3 Steps of The Executive Search Process?

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The search for executive candidates is similar to recruitment processes for other positions and different in many aspects. Here are the essential steps of the process and some tips to make it all easier and faster: Defining the criteria and developing the strategy – the first step should always be to determine the exact skill […]

Why so Many People are Changing Careers Amid the Pandemic

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Almost a quarter of respondents to a questionnaire said they had to take the first steps towards a new career because the company they used to work for has been strongly affected by the current economic context. They decided to look for work in a safer and more stable industry. Companies that have been severely […]

Recruitment 101 – Do You Need an Executive Headhunter to Find Top Talent?

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If you own a company and you’re looking for the most talented and skilled people to work for you, an executive headhunter can be a good choice. They will be able to set up a process through which candidates can be screened and sifted through more efficiently, skills can be evaluated more precisely, and the […]