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Why A Non-Disclosure Agreement Is Necessary for an M&A Deal

how to sell my business - the importance of non-disclosure agreements

A merger and acquisition deal is unique in many ways. The transaction usually takes place between the business owner, who in most cases is also the founder of the business, and the person who has invested lots of time and energy into building the business and another person or company. This means that one of […]

Do You Want to Sell Your Business? Here’s How to Begin.

helpful tips - how to sell my business

Selling your business can be a serious venture that requires a lot of forethought. If your business is somewhat large and valuable, you won’t want to leave the sale to chance and just sell to the first company that comes along. Careful consideration and planning along with the help of a genuine, experienced professional will […]

Selling a Business 101 – What Is the Regular Time Frame Required to Sell a Business?

tips on how to sell my business

Selling a business can sometimes be a complicated process that is made even more challenging if you haven’t done it before and you don’t have much experience dealing with the legal details involved. Whether you wish to sell your business because you want to start a different business, or because you just want to have […]