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How to Create A Merger and Acquisition Strategy That Creates Value

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Ideally, merger and acquisition transactions are more than just a way for the larger company in the merger or for the acquirer to gain access to technologies, to market share, or to technologies and assets – these transactions should also have a value-creation side to them. This also means that the strategy used for the […]

Do You Need A Certificate to Be An M&A Broker?

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An iKadre M&A broker is a financial specialist who handles transactions related to the transfer of ownership of a company to another company during the process of a business sale or of establishing a new business entity, their activities consisting mainly of providing a valuation of the various assets of the business to be sold […]

What Can You Learn from a Merger?

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There can be many reasons for mergers, increased market access, faster technology acquirement, access to new market opportunities, and increased profit being just some. An M&A broker near me confirmed that the process of reaching all these goals can be a lengthy, complex and challenging process, but it is also one that teaches a lot […]

How To Have A Successful Transaction During An M&A

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In theory, the concept of acquisitions and mergers is based on the idea that the resulting whole is larger and more valuable than the sum of the parts. However, in practice, it is not always simple to achieve such results following M&A-type transactions. What are the problems that arise in practice? Just as there are […]

Why Cultural Exchange Is Key to Successful Mergers

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Developing new ways to work effectively is often challenging after mergers and acquisitions. One of the most important causes of convolution is the difficulty in harmonizing two distinct corporate cultures. The periods right before and after mergers and acquisitions are naturally chaotic. Team members come from two different environments and don’t know each other; managers […]