The Best Interview Questions to Ask Executive Search Candidates


Ideally, your new business executive is a person who has long experience and outstanding leadership skills, whose personality and values are a perfect match for your corporate culture, and who can propel your company forward.

These expectations and requirements change the recruitment process, so here are a few questions to make sure that the executive recruiter that you are planning to use for the process is right for you, indeed:

  • Experience with your industry segment – every industry is different in terms of dynamics, and you need to make sure that representatives for IT staffing companies know what it takes to approach and attract high-profile candidates in the IT field;
  • The recruitment process – ask the candidate that you are considering the process they use to identify, approach, and attract executive candidates. Your consultant needs to be aware that executive recruitment is more about making your company attractive to the best candidate than about testing the candidate’s knowledge and that difference needs to be reflected in the dynamics of the search;
  • Flexibility – executive recruitment has a significant personal side due to which no two hiring strategies are ever the same. Ask the search consultant about how much flexibility they can offer in the design of the right approach.

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