Top Strategies for Recruiting an Executive-Level Candidate


Recruiting senior-level candidates poses many difficulties, one of them being that the pool of candidates narrows proportionately with the level of the vacancy. If you are currently looking for a C-suite employee, here are some strategies that can help you find the ideal candidate that you can rely on for a long time:

Make a good first impression – executive-level candidates are aware of their worth and are more like buyers for the position than candidates desperate to get a job. This means that you need to impress them with your brand, presenting your company in the best light;
Offer perspective – Established recruitment agencies affirm that high-profile candidates are looking for jobs that allow them to grow and to develop, so put the vacant role in perspective, showing how it will suit the path that the candidate is looking for;
Make the interviewing process comfortable for the candidate – for example, scheduling all the meetings with key people for the same day or respecting the candidate’s proposal for the scheduling will inspire trust and will convince the candidate that your company really cares for its executives;
Be open while negotiating the payment – stay reasonable, but make concessions to meet the expectations of a really good candidate.

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