Top Tips from Executive Recruiters for Job Seekers


It is a long way to go from starting to look for the ideal executive opening and landing the job, indeed – here are some top tips from top executive IT staffing companies,, about how to make that way shorter:

  • Brush up your resume – resume writing is governed by trends, so it might not be enough to add your last job to your old resume; you should update the entire document. Check out some trendy online templates to find inspiration and restructure your information to highlight your best skills and your most relevant experience. Recruiters also recommend job seekers to edit their resume whenever they apply for a new job to make it meet the specific requirements of the job;
  • Pay attention to your online presence – most recruiters will check the candidate’s profiles on social media, so be careful about what you like, share, tweet and comment on;
  • Prepare for the tough questions – executive jobs come with lots of responsibilities, therefore the recruitment process usually involves multiple rounds and lots of tricky questions. Try to anticipate those questions and formulate your answers; you can also do some role play at home and register yourself answering awkward questions to see where you can do better.

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