What Are The 3 Steps of The Executive Search Process?


The search for executive candidates is similar to recruitment processes for other positions and different in many aspects. Here are the essential steps of the process and some tips to make it all easier and faster:

  • Defining the criteria and developing the strategy – the first step should always be to determine the exact skill set, the type of experience, and the set of values and are looking for in a candidate. You will also need to decide the features that will make your company attractive to high-profile candidates. When you know what you are looking for and what you are willing to offer, you should start developing the recruitment strategy, first of all by deciding whether you want to handle the process on your own or whether outsourcing it to a specialized company would be better;
  • Searching for candidates and screening them – if you turn to experienced executive headhunters, your consultant will handle this phase for you. If you decide to handle it all on your own, you should start implementing the strategy you have developed, approach candidates, and evaluate your options;
  • Negotiations – the final phase of the recruitment process is negotiating the terms and conditions of the employment.

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