What Are the Best Jobs for Teenage Entrepreneurs?


Thanks to the internet, the opportunity to find learning resources and acquire new skills beyond your school curriculum is just a click away. Here are some business ideas for teenage entrepreneurs:

Social Media Consultant

A kid raised in the internet age has a serious advantage over many adults because they understand social media, search engines, and blogging much more than their elders. Companies pay good money for someone with knowledge in these fields. Social media consulting is a wise choice for a social media savvy teen.

Creator, Crafter

Do you paint, sculpt, take beautiful photos or practice other craft? If you know how to sell your art/ creations, then you can make good money right from your home. But for this job, you must also know how to promote yourself on social media.


Promoter positions are in high demand because new products are constantly being launched, and they need promotion. Your job is to present products to people and convince them to buy them.

Website Designer

Professional IT staffing companies confirm that even without advanced training, many teens have computer skills well beyond the abilities of the average adult. So, they may be able to make money by also creating basic websites for small businesses. Platforms such as Wix, SquareSpace, and many others are easy to work with and can be a lucrative tool for an entrepreneurial teen.

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