What CEO’s Need in Values and Culture to Avoid Being One of the 80% of Failures in A Merger or Acquisitions


CEOs are responsible for corporate visions, missions, values and key decisions and they need to be able to communicate all these values and visions effectively down the line, especially if they are in charge of a new organization that came to be as a result of a merger or an acquisition.
The CEOs of the companies that are established after a merger or an acquisition are in an especially difficult situation, the risk of failure due to internal conflicts being very high right after the transaction. One of the most common causes of business failure after a merger or an acquisition is the incompatibility and the resulting clash of two corporate cultures. This also means that most of the time, the CEOs need to assume a very practical role in harmonizing and integrating two different corporate cultures. According to successful M&A advisory firms, CEOs in such situations need to evaluate and assess every aspect of behavior, the dynamics of the relationships inside particular teams and they also need to explore the ways in which all these aspects can work together. The path might be difficult, therefore CEOs need to enlist the help and knowledge of leaders and managers coming from both cultures and to develop adequate strategies that focus on effective and transparent communication.

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