What to Expect During the Recruitment Process


Recruitment is the process of identifying and hiring qualified candidates for job openings to ensure the employer’s continued good performance. Some companies handle recruitment through their human resource departments, and others turn to recruitment specialists to handle the process on their behalf. Regardless of the solution chosen, every recruitment process shares the same phases:

  • The identification of the job requirements and the formulation of the job ads – these steps are part of the recruitment strategy;
  • Searching for the right candidatesIn demand construction recruitment agencies tell us that this step involves the selection and the usage of the channels and specific media to be used for the recruitment process, such as job boards, job fairs, classified ads, announcements on social media, or other;
  • Screening – this phase involves the evaluation of the applications received to identify the candidates who will be invited to take part in an interview;
  • Interviewing – this process is handled either by the employer’s HR department, by the recruitment firm, or by both if the employer’s strategy is to conduct multiple interview rounds;
  • Making a job offer – each interviewee’s performance is evaluated, then the best candidate is chosen and contacted to discuss the employer’s offer. The step might involve several meetings, especially in the case of talented and experienced candidates to C-level positions.

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