Why Is It So Challenging to Find Talent for Executive-Level Positions?


Executives are certainly the highest-paid employees in any company, but paradoxically, only very few of them are actually the authoritative leaders, strategic thinkers and great executors that they are supposed to be. The discrepancy between what leaders are expected to be and what they actually are will inevitably lead to issues, which means that the number of executives that are as talented and knowledgeable as they are expected to be is smaller than it seems. The phenomenon actually generates a kind of labor shortage at top levels and makes it extremely challenging for companies to find the best matches for their executive positions.

The problem has slowly, but radically changed the way executive searches are approached and conducted. IT recruitment specialists affirm that the trend today is for the companies looking for executive candidates to search not only among active job seekers, but also among the executives currently employed. In the latter case, the employer obviously needs to offer more to the approached talent and that “more” usually needs to include flexibility in terms of work conditions as well as other perks and benefits, such as child daycare, premium gym memberships and premium medical insurance, to mention just a few of the most commonly offered and accepted features.

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